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Canadian Association of Business Students (CABS)

About Canadian Association of Business Students (CABS):

We are the national business student association shaping the future of business in Canada by developing leadership and talent nationwide. The Canadian Association of Business Students (CABS) is a not for profit organization that represents over 70,000 business students from 23 universities in Canada. Our purpose is simple; to develop superior talent and leadership within business students across Canada. We organize some of the largest business student conferences and competitions which involve leadership development and personal growth.

Our Mission:

We foster the development of Canadian business students to their full potential. With our member schools, we are committed to enhancing talent in order to continuously grow the Canadian business landscape for the future.

How You Can Support Us:

Through volunteering opportunities such as our upcoming JDC Central competition happening at St. Lawrence College.

Causes Supported:

Education & Literacy Education & Literacy

Open Volunteer Positions:

Sorry, there are no Volunteer Positions at this time.

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Canadian Association of Business Students (CABS)
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