Martha's Table Community Program

Food Access - Kingston, ON
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Address629 Princess St., Kingston, ON
Do you accept secondary/high school student volunteers? No
Do you/would you consider accepting post-secondary student placements? Yes

Meal Delivery Driver

Martha's Table Community Program
Food Access

Deliver meals to a vulnerable population, those that can't leave home but need access to nutritious meals at no charge. This position is front line service, including driving to each location and delivering the meals to individuals.

  • Kingston, ON
  • Starting Immediately
  • 1-3hrs / week
  • 4 Spots Available of 4
  • Suitable For: Adults (18+)

Meal Delivery Driver

Dates and Times

one delivery route usually takes1.5 to 2 hours to complete. Most volunteers choose one route per week, but pending availability, a second route on a second day are sometimes desired by volunteers.

Required Qualifications

volunteer drivers must have a clean driving history and insurance. If the volunteer is driving Martha's vehicle (it is not available every shift currently) insurance is provided. A cell phone to call meal recipients is required. An ability to navigate the city of Kingston, both downtown and west end.

Position Responsibilities

Drive or assist drivers in our meal delivery program which operates seven days per week. Volunteers generally take one or two shifts per week, each shift lasting apprx 2 hours between 11 30 and 1 30. We have a vehicle available a couple days per week, but you may need to use your own vehicle if you are driving. we will reimburse you for gas/mileage. If you are assisting a driver, no vehicle necessary. You would be calling the recipient then taking the meals to the front door of the recipient's residence. Set routes are assigned in advance.

Volunteer Benefits

Existing volunteers report that they have a great sense of satisfaction in knowing that they are helping those with a desperate need. They feel an improved connection with their community. Some have commented that they didn't realize there were so many people struggling to make ends meet and had an additional challenge that prevented them from leaving home. The drivers provide an informal wellness check simply by knocking on a door. It they see or note something of concern they report back to Martha's and Martha's will involve the appropriate professionals to assist as required. The position offers a strong personal reward for the volunteers and makes a direct impact in the lives of many.