Accessibility and/or Disability Supports - Kingston, ON
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Address191 Portsmouth Avenue, Kingston, ON
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The Friends Program

Accessibility and/or Disability Supports

The Friends Program matches you with an adult who has a developmental disability. You and your friend then get together once per week to a minimum of once per month based on both of your schedules. Your planned meetings can include community outings or activities at an Ongwanada site that both of you would enjoy. Such activities may include going for coffee or for a walk, going to see a movie, taking part in a craft project, playing board games, etc.

  • Background Check Required
  • Kingston, ON
  • Starting Immediately
  • 1-3hrs / month
  • 4 Spots Available of 10
  • Suitable For: All Ages

The Friends Program

Dates and Times

Volunteers are asked to spend time with their Ongwanada friend once per week to a minimum of once per month for 1-3 hours each time/visit. Each planned meeting will be scheduled based on both parties schedules. This could include weekends (day time and early evenings) as well as weekdays (day time and early evenings).

Required Qualifications

Qualifications for this position include the willingness to offer friendship to another, 100% commitment, dependability, sincerity and kindness.

Position Responsibilities

Volunteers are required to be 100% committed when entering this program as you are committing to a person / friend who will look very forward to spending time with you. Volunteers must be friendly, sincere, reliable and willing to give the gift of friendship to another.

Volunteer Benefits

Volunteers in this program will gain the gift of friendship and all the special bonuses that come along with it. Memories built, smiles shared, laughs exchanged and tons of fun to be had, just to name a few.