St. Vincent de Paul Society Kingston

Local Community - Kingston, ON
Member For 1 year
Alt Phone
Address85 Stephen Street, Kingston, ON
Do you accept secondary/high school student volunteers? Yes
Do you/would you consider accepting post-secondary student placements? Yes

Donation Receiver

St. Vincent de Paul Society Kingston
Local Community
Applications Closed

This role will be responsible for greeting donors when they arrive. Some of our donors are new to St. Vincent and may not know where to go to, drop off donations, or may need assistance to unload their vehicles.

  • Background Check Required
  • Not Accepting Applications
  • Kingston, ON
  • Starting Immediately
  • 3-6hrs / day
  • 9 Spots Available of 10
  • Suitable For: Adults (18+)

Donation Receiver

Dates and Times

We are open from 9am-1pm. Shifts can be the full four hours or split up.

Required Qualifications

You need to have double vaccination against covid-19

Position Responsibilities

The responsibilities in this role will be the following. • Greeting a donor promptly • Helping donors unload their vehicles. • Direct anyone that might be here to meet with a staff member where they might find that staff member • Watching the parking lot and alerting staff if something is getting out Of hand or may need staff attention • Light yard work might be assigned

Volunteer Benefits

Know that this job may not be with our clients directly but it plays a big role. Greeting our donors and making sure the donations get brought to the proper location allows operations to run smoothly, and make sure things are sorted fairly. It also feels less intimidating for a donor to come in and see a volunteer waiting to greet them.