St. Vincent de Paul Society Kingston

Local Community - Kingston, ON
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Address85 Stephen Street, Kingston, ON
Do you accept secondary/high school student volunteers? Yes
Do you/would you consider accepting post-secondary student placements? Yes

Fresh Food Pantry

St. Vincent de Paul Society Kingston
Food Access
Applications Closed

In our meal program, we receive donations of fresh produce and vegetables. We want to be sure we are giving as many members of our community access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Background Check Required
  • Not Accepting Applications
  • Kingston, ON
  • Starting Immediately
  • 3-6hrs / day
  • 5 Spots Available of 6
  • Suitable For: Adults (18+)

Dates and Times

Monday Wednesday Friday 9am-1pm

Required Qualifications

You need double vaccinations against covid-19. If you have a CPIC (criminal record check) completed within the last 6 months it is valid. If not we can supply a letter to cover the cost of the CPIC.

Position Responsibilities

You will be responsible for checking individuals into the pantry system and checking to see if they are an individual in a household or a family. You will then be responsible for getting an order ready. You will be responsible for getting the donations set up and ready for orders to go out.

Volunteer Benefits

Helping families and individuals make sure they have access to fresh food.