Accessibility and/or Disability Supports - Kingston, ON
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Address191 Portsmouth Avenue, Kingston, ON
Do you accept secondary/high school student volunteers? Yes
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Volunteer Drivers

Accessibility and/or Disability Supports

DRIVE WITH A PURPOSE, GET ROLLING WITH ONGWANADA!! Ongwanada welcomes those who are passionate about volunteering and driving to join us as Volunteer Drivers. Providing much needed transportation to Ongwanada supported individuals (those with developmental disabilities) to and from their day program sites will indeed offer much reward and many smiles as you get to know amazing people. If you find yourself free between Monday & Friday, both in the morning and later afternoon, and love driving and meeting new people, we would love to hear from you. Reimbursement will be provided!

  • Background Check Required
  • Kingston, ON
  • Starting Immediately
  • 1-3hrs / day
  • 3 Spots Available of 3
  • Suitable For: Adults (18+)

Dates and Times

A volunteer in this position could drive/commit to as much as five days per week (Monday to Friday) for two drives per day (one in the morning and one in the afternoon). A volunteer with less availability could commit to a certain and specific number of days per week for the two drives per day based on their availability. For example, if a volunteer finds themselves available each Monday and Friday, in both the morning and then again later in the afternoon, this could then be set up as their permanent weekly schedule.

Required Qualifications

Volunteers in this position are required to have their full G driving license as well as a clean driving record / abstract. Also required is that a volunteer have the proper vehicle insurance which includes 2 million dollar liability coverage. Use of a safe vehicle is required in order to ensure the safety of all involved (passengers and volunteer providing the transportation). Also required is a friendly, supportive, kind and compassionate personality in order to make your passengers feel welcome and safe.

Position Responsibilities

Transporting individuals to their designated Ongwanada day program site (from their home) in the morning from Monday to Friday or specific days (that a volunteer is available) between Monday & Friday. And to then pick the same individual/s up at the designated day program site later each day to return them to their homes. To provide safe, timely and reliable transportation to such individuals on a schedule that has been decided upon based on a volunteer's availability and the need of the organization. To provide a friendly and welcoming demeanor while transporting such individuals while doing your best to ensure the safety and comfort of your passengers.

Volunteer Benefits

Volunteers holding this position will get to meet and interact with amazing passengers (those supported by Ongwanada) while enjoying great conversations (along the drive). And all the while, volunteers will reap the reward of knowing that they have helped to ensure that individuals safely get to their day program that offers fun, learning opportunities, socialization and companionship with friends and much more!