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Do you accept secondary/high school student volunteers? No
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H'art Studio Volunteer

H'art Centre
Arts, Music & Culture

H'art Centre is seeking volunteers for our H'art Studio program. Since 1998, our H’art Studio program has been offering adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to reach their highest potential through the arts and indirect learning. Our H’art Studio program offers artists a chance to build important skills while engaged in the practice and enjoyment of visual arts, music, theatre, dance, media arts, and literary arts.

  • Background Check Required
  • Kingston, ON
  • Starting Immediately
  • 3-6hrs / day
  • 1 Spots Available of 5
  • Suitable For: Adults (18+)

H'art Studio Volunteer

Dates and Times

Volunteers should be willing to commit at least one-half day per week for six months. This equals 3 hours per week.

Required Qualifications

For information about qualifications, please visit our webpage: www.hartcentre.ca/volunteers

Position Responsibilities

Volunteers will provide support to the H’art Studio team as they deliver a high-quality arts program for adults with developmental disabilities and those who are neurodiverse. You will take direction from Studio and community artists as we deliver visual, literary arts, dance, theatre, and music workshops to a wide range of participants.

Volunteer Benefits

When you volunteer, you should expect to learn or develop skills related to inclusive arts, be part of an inclusive arts community, gain a sense of achievement, have new experiences, and meet a diverse range of people. You will also be introduced to modules 1-4 of our MixAbilities Inclusive Arts Training program! MixAbilities is our six-module training program designed to enhance access to the arts by ensuring artists and educators are trained to effectively and empathetically support participants who are Deaf and those with disabilities. Recipient of the 2018 City of Kingston Access Award in the category of Education.