St. Vincent de Paul Society Kingston

Local Community - Kingston, ON
Member For 1 year
Alt Phone
Address85 Stephen Street, Kingston, ON
Do you accept secondary/high school student volunteers? Yes
Do you/would you consider accepting post-secondary student placements? Yes
Applications Closed

St. Vincent de Paul is committed to helping feed our community. We do this in a number of ways. Our meal program serves a hot take-out meal, as well as handing out fresh fruit and vegetables to the community. We also maintain a pantry that gives out two days worth of groceries to families to help fill the gap (checks not making it to the end of the month or between trips to the food bank). We are able to do this with help of food donations from numerous places in our Kingston Community. We need drivers to help us get that food from different locations back to the kitchen or the pantry.

  • Background Check Required
  • Not Accepting Applications
  • Kingston, ON
  • Starting Immediately
  • 0-1hrs / day
  • 2 Spots Available of 2
  • Suitable For: Adults (18+)

Dates and Times

Monday 8am-11am Tuesday 8am-11am Wednesday 830am-11am

Required Qualifications

Availably on Monday or Thursday Have a Valid G drivers license Have a criminal record check completed (CPIC). This can be done after our initial first meeting as I can provide a letter that allows that to be free of charge.

Position Responsibilities

Drivers would be given tasks and locations to pick up from. We pick up from a variety of locations including, Costco, whole sale club, Lion Hearts and so much more. Other smaller pick ups may be assigned on the days that you are in. Including No Frills to pick up a pantry order (once again provided a check), and Food basics to pick up banana boxes of food that they are donating.

Volunteer Benefits

Being able to be a part of making sure our community stays fed can be very rewarding. It can be hard and busy days but knowing you are able to help us keep our programs going is a big piece.