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Beyond Classrooms Kingston

About Beyond Classrooms Kingston:

Beyond Classrooms Kingston moves teachers and their classrooms into community sites like museums and art galleries for an entire week. The site becomes an extension of the teacher’s classroom. Students enhance their literacy, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Presentations by specialists, hands on activities and time spent exploring the collection stimulates curiosity and further investigation. It creates an environment where students slow down, look closely and reflect through sketching and journal writing: a unique inquiry-based program. This program plays a significant role in fostering cultural awareness, civic pride and stewardship.

Our Mission:

BCK facilitates moving teachers and their students into community spaces where authentic environments serve as a catalyst for teacher-led, student driven inquiry-based learning.

How You Can Support Us:

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Causes Supported:

Arts, Music & Culture Children & Youth Education & Literacy Heritage Arts, Music & Culture Children & Youth Education & Literacy Heritage

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Beyond Classrooms Kingston
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