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A Greener Future

About A Greener Future:

A Greener Future is an environmental non-profit dedicated to leading the effort in sustaining a clean and healthy environment.

Our Mission:

By bringing together a community of volunteers and environmental stewards, we facilitate programs that eliminate waste from the environment. As education is at the centre of what we do, we inspire change through a variety of learning opportunities. Our programs raise awareness about plastic pollution in the Great Lakes Region, and detailed data collection sheds a light on the most common items that are found during litter cleanups. Together our impact is wide-reaching, bringing us one step closer to our goal. Since 2014, A Greener Future has picked up more than 5 million pieces of litter.

How You Can Support Us:

Each year we embark on an adventure across the Lake Ontario watershed. We invite local community members, students, and corporate partners to join us in over 100 locations to complete litter cleanups on Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, and Lake Huron. We engage hundreds of volunteers across Ontario in this program to raise awareness around plastic pollution and educate communities on the impact of litter in Lake Ontario. We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help push our Love Your Lakes program forward and help complete our goal of 180,000 pieces of litter picked up this year.

Causes Supported:

Lakes, Rivers & Wetlands Sustainability Animals Lakes, Rivers & Wetlands Sustainability Animals

Open Volunteer Positions:

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Sorry, there are no Volunteer Positions at this time.