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Big Brothers Big Sisters KFLA

About Big Brothers Big Sisters KFLA:

BBBS creates individual and group mentoring relationships amongst adults and youth. Mentoring helps change the course of young lives which changes the future of communities. By every measure, Big Brothers Big Sisters returns positive results in the mental health, employment and civic engagement of the recipients of our mentoring programs.

Our Mission:

To provide safe, supportive spaces and positive mentoring relationships where young people experience new opportunities and develop confidence and skills for life.

How You Can Support Us:

Our Mentoring opportunities are broken up into two main categories. We have our Site Based Mentoring (SBM) and our In-School Mentoring Programs (ISM). The focus of both of these programs is to provide a young person with a positive, caring adult role model where one may not already exist. Our ISM program is for Children who are referred to the program by staff at the school. Volunteers are required to commit to meeting the young person they are Matched with once a week for an hour for the duration of the school year (typically starting in October-December until April-June). Matches meet in a separate space set aside by the school and hangout and do puzzles, play board games and do arts and crafts. Occasionally there may be an active space available. Site based Mentoring Programs Our SBM program requires a commitment of a minimum of a couple of hours a week, once a week for a minimum of one year from the Match date. Matches connect on site at our 1300 Bath Road Location where we have open gym space, a fitness center and indoor play structure available in the evenings. We also have a lounge space that can be booked for crafts, board games and other lowkey activities. Matches are also encouraged to attend our evening Big Bunch program and other potential special events the agency runs. Site-Based Mentors are required to follow through with their commitments over the summer months.

Causes Supported:

Children & Youth Families Children & Youth Families

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