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About Nankind:

In 2009 Audrey Guth, a mother in the midst of her own cancer journey realized the burden that many parents with cancer face, juggling being a parent and patient. After meeting a mother with cancer and her child in a waiting room, she identified a gap in cancer care and knew she had to do something to help. Guth founded the Nanny Angel Network (NAN) giving respite to moms with cancer. Since then she has made it her mission to innovate and lessen the social and emotional impact of cancer on families by providing free support to mothers, fathers, and primary caregivers with cancer. NAN has evolved to Nankind, providing critical intervention to children experiencing the trauma of parental cancer. One family at a time, Nankind has built a community of volunteer angels, referral partners, and sponsors that together provide free supportive cancer care to families. To date, Nankind has supported 1,750+ families, provided 35,000+ meals, and empowered 3,200+ children to build emotional resilience.

Our Mission:

To lessen the social and emotional impact of cancer on families.

How You Can Support Us:

· Provide fun, educational, creative, and safe experiences for the children. · 4 or 2 hours of childcare service per week to the same family. (depending on the program) · Minimum six-month commitment to ensure support during the duration of a parent’s cancer treatment and recovery.

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Cancer Support - Childcare Volunteer

Cancer Support - Childcare Volunteer

  • Kingston, ON
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