Updating your Profile

  1. Click the "Edit My Profile" button from the right hand side, under the Settings tab.
  2. You'll see a several new tabs to update your profile - things like "Skills", "Causes",and more.
  3. Click through each tab and make your edits.
  4. Remember to save!

Editing: Profile Tab

This tab is where you can update some basic information about who you are. Upload some profile photos to personalize your account, set your Bio, birthday and more. This is also the area where you may select if you are a Student.

Editing: Skills Tab

The skills you choose here are used to find Recommended Positions, and to generate a Match Percentage.

From the Skills selection area choose the skills you feel you can offer to any Volunteer Position. As your experience grows you may notice additional Kudos (Thumbs Ups) beside your skills - this indicates that an Organization has recommended you for the given Skill

To remove a skill, simply click the . Please note this is permanent. If you remove a skill that you have Kudos for those Kudos will be removed as well.

Editing: Causes Tab

The causes you choose to support here are used to find Recommended Positions, and to generate a Match Percentage.

From the Causes selection area choose any that you're keen to support.

To remove a cause, simply click the .

Editing: Contact Info Tab

To Volunteer, you'll want to share some of your information with your Applications - like how to contact you, where you live, and who your emergency contacts are.

Please fill in this information as best you can. Please note, if you choose to add your Social Media accounts, please copy/paste the full URL into this position (including the http://).

Editing: Preferences Tab

In this tab you can choose some of your personal preferences for Privacy and Email.

Your Profile Privacy Settings matter! PUBLIC: Your profile is viewable by everyone. APPLICATIONS ONLY: Your profile is private and hidden, and shown only to Organizations to which you have applications.