Applying to a Position

Step 1: Finding a Volunteer Position

Use one of our many search tools to find a Volunteer Position you're interested in. Once you do, move on to step 2.

Step 2: Make an Application

From the Position List, use the

Dropdown and click Apply. Or, while Viewing the Application, find and click the Apply button.

You'll be moved to an Application Form, from here please fill out the fields as completely as you are able - what you write here is shared with the recruiting organization. You will also be sharing your Skills, Causes you Support and Volunteer History in your application.

Finally, confirm that you are Available at the given location on the given dates; and hit Submit!

Step 3: Waiting

The recruiting Organization will receive and review your application. During this time, it will be considered Pending, and will be located under the Your Name dropdown in the My Applications menu item.

Step 4: Accepted or Declined

Once the recruiting Organization has come to a decision, you will be notified via Email; and the application will move from My Applications.

If your Application was Accepted you will find it in My Positions, and it will remain there for the duration of this Volunteer Position.

If your Application was Declined, we will move it to your My History page.

Step 5: Volunteering

At this stage, if you've been Accepted for a Volunteer Position, you can expect to be contacted by the Organization for further details. Happy Volunteering!